Thursday, November 1, 2012


When going through old photos with my aunt, she found this gem of my cousin, Michelle, and I with our Great Grandma Burns.  Michelle and I were born hours on December 6th and she the day after.   The date written on the back of the picture was July 1973 making us about 7 months old. Great Grandma lived about an hour and a half south of us so we didn't get to see her often.  Here we are sitting in my grandparents' backyard in Peoria. 

I made a copy right away and wanted to scrap it. I thought Jillibean Soup's Grandma's Lima Bean Soup would be perfect. Not only for the name, but the colors and prints. I bought this line at The Scrapbooking Studio here in Bloomington!

Here, I used made a mosaic of buttons and popped up one of the die cuts over it.  

Yes, I am the fat baby on the right. Michelle wouldn't drink milk. I ate and drank everything. The story is that I learned to walk by my mom holding a cookie across the room.  Whatever...fat babies are cuter LOL

One of the Soup Labels that coordinate with the collection.

Using some of the Tim Holtz mini numbers and pen tip.  The "remember" tag is actually one of the journaling cards. I love how it already looks someone left their coffee mug on top of it.  

I love having the perfect paper to go with a's almost one of those "a-ha" moments. May seem crazy, but I know many of you scrappers get that.  LOL  

Thanks for reading! -Jen

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