Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another snow day

Like a good part of the country, we were hit by "Snowmageddon 2011" (I've been laughing at all the different names I've heard for this storm).  This is a picture I took yesterday afternoon....we live on a main thoroughfare and it was pretty quiet except for snow plows and the occasional car. 

I took this picture this morning. The sun is actually trying to peek through and I think most of the snow is over. I've heard anywhere from 13-16 inches in our area, but nothing official. I'm just glad its over! 

I had meant to update sooner than today but sickness has been going around our house. Our son had the flu, followed by our daughter having strep.  Then, Noah had the flu again!  Yikes. I seriously need a hazmat team to come in and disinfect the house! I've been Lysol'ing the heck out of everything. Let's hope its over with and everyone stays healthy until spring. 

I also had to have our beloved 12 yr old cat, Roadkill, put to sleep this past week (yes that was his real name). Roadkill was diagnosed with cancer last April and in the last month or so, his health has gone downhill. It was a hard decison, but I know he's up in heaven chasing butterflies and having tuna fish every day.  And I know my mom is taking care of him. I was with Roadkill when he passed and I told him to go find his grandma.    I know I'll never have another cat like him. 

A week and a half ago, my friends and I went to a scrapbook B&B in Bourbannais, IL called Let's Get Croppin'.  All I can say is WOW! We were so spoiled and pampered. The food was excellent and we had more than adequate amount of space to crop.  Plus, Susie and Steve are just so friendly and accomodating!  We are hoping to go back this summer! So, if you live near Chicago (or even further), its worth the drive! 

Here is a layout I did using Imaginesce's Teacher's Pet line:

I used some stitching on my journaling.

I have more to share but will get them on here soon! I have a few layouts I created that I absolutely love!!  And I'm hoping to do some creating today! But, we'll see..the kids and hubby are home so who knows :)

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