Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I'm still here....

Ok, I guess I've pretty much proven I suck at blogging.  Seriously though I think everyone looks at Instagram. I think even Pinterest has died down.  Anyway, I'm going to type out what I want because..well its my blog LOL  

CHA or Creativation as its now called as come and gone and all the new pretty things are making their way into the stores. I was able to attend the show; it was a last minute decision and a roll of the dice with my  health after being in the hospital at the end of  December.  After a discussion with my husband, he convinced me to go be in my happy place with my scrappy tribe. Plus, if I died at least I'd be surrounded by pretty paper! LOL I ended up having a blast reconnecting with old friends as well as making new ones!! I got to hang out with the DT coordinator of Clear Scraps and I adore her. You know her as Pinky but I call her Cristal...mostly out of respect and that I like to annoy her! LOL  

I worked in the booth for Susan and Jim at Clear Scraps...I love these two!   They are just good people...and they treat the team like family. Susan even made us turkey sandwiches every day for lunch!  :)  We had a lot of fun!

Susan and Jim even gave me the flexibility to be with Teresa when she had make and takes so that allowed me to be able to float around the floor!  Here we are in the Xyron booth! I adore this excited for what she has going on this year!!  I'm excited to be teaching at her Vegas event in's going to be a blast!  And did you see the new Fiskars products she has designed? I seriously wanted to steal the clear stamps LOL 

The night before I left my friend Jordan from SharBear Crafts texted me and asked if I was going to the show...we ended up being on the same flight! I got to hang out with Jordan and his mom the first day!  I've known him since he walked into the Chic Tags booth in Vegas at the summer show in 2013.   Jordan is an awesome person and I love that I can "talk shop" with him!  Check out his shop on Etsy...he always carries the latest releases!   

I also got to see one of my best friends that moved to AZ from IL three years ago. Lori and I worked at a LSS together and were partners in crime. I miss her so much!  We even got to have dinner together! During the winters, I threatened to come live with her LOL...especially since she refuses to move back to IL . We used to always go on shopping trips to Michaels or Hobby Lobby I don't have anyone to enable :(  LOL

One of the fun things about attending the show is that you get to meet your "teammates" in person....I  was able to meet Kevin and Amber Crowell (owners of Simple Stories) as well as DT coordinator Layle Koncar!  Love love love Simple Stories!  It has been such a fun company to be a part of!!  I just adore their products as well as their employees! I was able to talk to one of the graphic designers and told her to call me if she ever doubts her talent....I was telling her all of the things she did right on  the collections LOL Any of my scrappy friends that know me can tell you I'm a paper lover and appreciate great design of patterns and colors!  

This is me, Cristal, and Susan during breakdown of the booth...we get a little stir crazy. I always hate seeing the show end although I'm happy to go home and see my family.  Phoenix was fun even though the weather was a little cool...I think people didn't respond to this location as well as Anaheim. Hopefully attendance will be up next year....I know it was cheaper for me to fly to Phoenix but I ended up having to rent a car plus park at the convention center. Anaheim was easier because you could just walk to the show..and plus Disney! LOL  

I came home with a cold but not knock down sick like I was afraid I'd be. I know a lot of my scrappy friends had colds or a stomach bug after getting home. Cristal and I joked that next year we are wearing hazmat suits with our Clear Scraps aprons over the top LOL  

If you attended the show, what did you think? If not, what new products are you favorite?
Have a great night!

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