Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I'm back!

Ugh...so I've been horrible about keeping my blog updated!  I guess it gets pushed down the list of things to do. And life just is busy.  Anyway, I am hoping to be more on top of posting my projects!  

A fun update....the end of September I traveled to Las Vegas to teach at Teresa Collins' pre-event! It was a lot of fun and I met so many amazing ladies! I love being with "my people"!  As sometimes things go, there are hiccups and my kits didn't make it to Teresa on time to be brought to the hotel.  It was stressful but in the end things worked out: Brian's son Spencer brought my kits with him on Friday and I was able to teach during the crop. Thank you to everyone who was so understanding and nice. I seriously had a meltdown in the middle of the airport when I found out my kits were not going to make it. My sweet husband even tried to get a courier to bring them to Vegas from Draper, but it didn't work out.  

Anyway, I am so blessed and honored that Teresa asked me to be a main event teacher next year!  I'm so excited!  Visit Teresa's Event Page  for details:www.teresacollinsstudio.com

All of the teachers during the opening ceremony! 

 On Friday, I helped Teresa during her three classes!  She is such an inspiration!  

 Teresa and Christi!  So happy to meet Christi in person...she is my yoga pants army buddy!  

Love that I was able to meet Midge and Madge as well! I am a big fan!!  They are returning as main teachers next year as well!  

That's about it...I guess I could write more but I'll save it for future posts!  The hubby and I are watching Stranger Things on Netflix...so hooked!  Have a great night!

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