Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday!

Noah and I just got back from walking in the Relay for Life at my daughter's school.  It's something I've done with her every year. Two years ago, when she was in kindergarten, I walked with her while my mom was in the hospital battling against lung cancer. Today, Hailey has on a shirt that she decorated that has my mom's picture on it. I know out of all the grandkids, it is the hardest for Hailey, as she is the only one who remembers Mom.  I'm sure her grandmother is smiling down today as she sees Hailey be a cheerleader in the fight against cancer.

This week, one of my sisters celebrated her 30th birthday.  We gathered at a restaurant in Peoria to celebrate her big day!  I made this printers tray as one of her gifts. I used pictures I have taken over the last year or so of her daughter, Sidney.  I used My Mind's Eye Fine and Dandy Tickled Pink collection.  (love the boy version as well!) 

Before dinner, my brother-in-law, Andrew announced that they are expecting baby number 2!!  So excited for them!! Will have a new niece or nephew come January! :) 

One more piece of news, albeit sad.  The local scrapbook store I've been working at for the past almost 5 years announced that they are closing their doors. :( We had our "closeout sale" this past Saturday. I worked most of the day and it was absolutely crazy. I'm so sad to see the store go...if I had the money, I would have bought the store from them. Maybe someday I can open up a store of my own.  Thanks to Jim and Margaret for being such great bosses and giving me a wonderful place to work!

Lots of errands to run this afternoon. I'm going to be starting on a 12x12 wedding album that has to be done by next Friday. I guess I work well under pressure?? LOL

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