Monday, August 6, 2012


So my baby brother is finally married.  He and his lovely bride, Lisa, had their wedding this past Saturday.  They are truly two people that are meant for each other. It has been amazing watching their relationship grow over the last three years. Not long after Josh and Lisa started dating, my mom got sick.  I actually met Lisa for the first time at the hospital when Mom had to have emergency surgery.  Lisa has been family since day one. I'm so grateful that Josh has Lisa..especially after our mom passed away.  I remember a family get together that fall in which Josh couldn't attend, but Lisa was able to come. She felt funny about attending without Josh but we reminded her she was family. And that we liked her better! LOL Just kidding. Well, we actually did tell Josh if he messed this up, we were disowning him and adopting Lisa! So, he pretty much didn't have a choice in marrying her.  Even my mom  had said "you guys have a wedding to plan". 
I will admit, Saturday was tough without my mom there. I know she would be so proud of Josh and the man he's become. 
Both of the kids were in the wedding and they did great! 

We are all still worn out from the weekend. Today, we did pretty much nothing...which I think we all needed. I am itching to do some more scrapbooking but I have a busy week ahead with filling in at a dental office. Time to get the kiddos to starts in 2 weeks and we all need to get on "school time". 

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