Monday, June 20, 2011

Life is Good....

That is my dad's motto: Life is Good.  I hope everyone who celebrated had a good Father's Day.  My family got together earlier this week and had dinner at my dad's.  The kids had fun walking down to his new pond that he and a friend just installed.  As one of his gifts, I made him this mini book capturing his 50th surprise birthday party last July.  

One of the most awesome things about my dad is that he's is always there for us.  Always has been.  He and my mom met when I was a bratty 13 yr old teenager.  It had been my mom, me and my brother for awhile. I was pretty territorial when it came to my mom. Thank God he stuck it out with me through my growing pains. I know it wasn't easy! I love him for that. My dad is techinically my step dad but he's Dad to me. He's the one who walked me down the aisle; the one my kids call Grandpa. 
I'm grateful for the way he loved my mother...always showing her how special she was.  I know Mom is proud of the way my dad has taken care of us kids as well as how he's tried to fill  the void with the grandkids. 
Love you Dad!!!

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