Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Sunday

Hello everyone!  Still been very busy around here. We've had two open houses so far and not many people walk through :( But, it's in God's hands so we're just waiting and praying.  At least our house has been clean! LOL The kids have been really good about keeping their rooms and play areas picked up. 

I also lost my grandmother on the 8th. She had been diagnosed earlier this year with Stage IV lung cancer. Grandma had been in poor health for a few years unfortunately.   I have felt a lot of stress lately missing my mom on top of this.  It brings back a lot of feelings of when Mom passed away.  I miss her every day! 

For Grandma's funeral, I was in charge of doing the photo collages and came across a lot of great old pictures. This one is of me and my mom..I must have been 18 months or so?  Mom look so young. I'm sure she was no older than 19.  It's just been so different going through life without her. I know she's with me, but I sure wish I could pick up the phone to call her. 
I'm trying to not let the stress get to me, but its been tough. I am also worried about a good friend of mine as well. I just keep praying things will get better for her. I feel helpless right now.

Today, I'm sharing a mini book I did for my hair dresser who had her first baby in February.  It's a little plain for my liking..but I find that when you don't have pictures before hand, it's tough to embellish. Anyone else have this problem?   Maybe its just me. LOL Honestly, my creativity has been lacking lately.  I'm sure its all about the stress. 

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  1. Jen, how did you make the flower in the last pic?