Monday, December 6, 2010

birthday weekend!

Sorry for my absence!! It's been crazy busy around here. I taught my 25 Days til Christmas class at the scrapbook store this past Saturday. Plus, today is my birthday and I was doing a lot of celebrating this past weekend LOL.  My husband, along with some friends, took me out to dinner Friday night. Then, my hubby surprised me with an overnight stay at a hotel!  Here is a pic of our rowdy bunch!

Then, yesterday after church, my dad and sisters came over and took me to Biaggi's for lunch. We went shopping and then saw a movie, Due Date.  My poor youngest sister did not like it and walked out towards the middle....some parts were a little raunchy. 

It meant a lot to me for them to come over and spend the day with me!!

Today, we started off with swim lessons for Noah. My MIL is coming this afternoon to take me to lunch. I have no clue where to go because I'm not all that hungry. I feel like all I've been doing is eating this weekend!
Tonight, the Brownie troop I lead is doing a tour at the local humane society.  I am hoping I will not break down and cry. Our male cat, Roadkill, is almost 13 and he was diagnosed with lymphoma this past spring. He hasn't been doing so well lately and tomorrow I'm taking him into the vet to have his paw checked. We may have to make the decision to put him down. He's been the sweetest cat ever, but I'm afraid he is suffering.

I've also been trying to work in my December Daily, as well as some other projects! There are about 5 things I want to get done! I wish I could just sit and scrap. Maybe this afternoon??

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  1. Suffering isn't good Jen. Sorry for the little guy. :(