Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School

Hi's been a busy week at the Haggerty household! My kiddos went back to school yesterday. I can say they were less than thrilled. Hopefully they will get into the swing of things and enjoy their new school.

I've been enjoying being at home by myself I worked on my blog and ran errands. Mostly enjoyed the quiet!

Also, I've been trying to gear up and get organized for the design teams I am on. I love it that I have the days to sit and create!

Our beautiful daughter, Hailey, turns 9 on Sunday. She's having some friends from her old school stay the night Friday (help!) and then a family party on Sunday. I look at her and wonder where did the time go? She is such a tween!

I just got some fun new Jillibean Soup paper in the mail so I'm hoping to make some projects this weekend! Maybe I can sit downstairs in my scrapbook room and supervise during the slumber party! LOL I may need a drink for that. Until next time!

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