Friday, November 26, 2010


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!  Ours was busy but fun....stopped at three places, starting with my sister in law's in Morton. We had about an hour to visit before spending most of the day at my dad's.  Dad bought a new house this year and has completely gutted it. The kitchen was done so my sister, Jody, decided that we should have dinner there. It was fun to be with my family, although a bit sad. Holidays are so hard still without my mom. I know she'd want us to be happy and move forward but sometimes (at least for me) its hard to not get caught up in my grief.  However, I am SO THANKFUL for my family. Their support has been tremendous.

My sister Jody and niece Sidney

My dad and sister Jenny

me with my brother Josh

We ended the night at my Aunt Linda's in East Peoria. I just love her. She has been there for me a lot...both while Mom was sick and after she passed away. Aunt Linda is my hero...she has shouldered so much this year, including battling Stage II Lymphoma.  I wish I could buy her the world. She deserves it.

L-R: cousin Shane, Aunt Linda, cousins London and Cydney

I did some Black Friday shopping this morning...nothing too crazy. I don't like to go out in the early hours and fight the crowds.  I like sleep too much LOL  Trying to decide what to do with the kids today... my husband is tiling the back splash in the kitchen. I really really just want to scrapbook, but not sure if that will happen. I'm trying to finish up a mini book.

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