Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday

Sorry for my absence. It's been a busy few days. The kids and I spent all day Saturday in Peoria visiting with family and celebrating my niece's 4th birthday.  All three of us were worn out when we got home. Noah even fell asleep on the way home.  Unfortunately, he ended up getting sick last husband was up with him (and cleaning up puke) a good part of the night. 

I went to church this morning, then we all went to a couple open houses.  One was waaay out of price range but very nice. Not sure if we'll find that perfect house that both Chris and I can agree on.

Anyway, I took the rest of the day to sit in my scrap room to get some layouts done. I feel like I have these ideas floating around in my head and never have the time to make them come to fruition.  Well, today I had the chance.  It was good therapy as I've been feeling kind of down lately.  I lost my mom to cancer last year and that makes the holidays even more tough.  Plus, my grandmother is suffering from emphysema and isn't doing well.  Ever since losing Mom, I guess I don't handle death and loss as well as I used to. I feel like I've had enough in one lifetime. Rationally, I know that isn't how life works.

My first layout I did I used Teresa Collin's Giving Thanks.  The picture was taken on Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head in the background.   Last month, Chris and I were lucky enough to get away for a pest control convention without kids!  The company footed most of the bill and my youngest sister and MIL watched the kids. It was so nice to get away just the two of us!! It rarely happens that we can even get a weekend away.

My second layout is done with My Mind's Eye Sophie collection. I love their pieces...I found this at an Archivers this past summer when we went up for CHA in Chicago. I bought these piece with this picture in mind.  This is the last picture I had taken with my mom. She passed away last summer from lung cancer at the age of 54. Mom fought hard but unfortunately, the cancer was so far advance when she was diagnosed. I miss her so much. My life isn't the same without her.

My third layout involves even more therapy. I did this in honor of my friend Wendi.  I met Wendi at an eating disorder support group in 1999.  She was still in high school and we bonded over the fact that she had Mme. Pfahl for French. We became friends and occasionally went out to eat or shopping together.  She was like my little sister.  This past spring, Wendi tried to take her own life. She was in a persistant vegetative state for three months.  I will miss her forever. My heart aches so much when I think about her. 

I used Little Yellow Bicycle's Freespirit. I bought it for the peace that was one of the things Wendi loved. The week after Wendi's funeral, my friend Natalie and I went and got tattoos to honor Wendi.  Yep...peace signs:

Well, I think this is the longest entry I've had so far! It's time for bed...been a long day. I didn't mention that I broke one of my toes on Friday night either. Yep, just call me Grace.

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